Research on TATA-BOX

Modeling of TATA-box binding protein (TBP) interaction with TATA-box in promoter that controls gene expression.


We gathered data on known TATA-boxes that TBP binds, validated data on mutations in promoters that change phenotype, experimental data on physical and chemical interactions of TBP with DNA, data on changes in TBP/DNA binding. We created model of TBP/DNA interaction that estimates well changes in TBP/promoter binding due to mutations and its effect on phenotype. Hundreds of promoter mutations in humans, animals and plants were analysed with that model. Stability of genes promoters to mutations was assessed and correlation with population structure and phenotypes. Alternative promoters were found as well as promoters of pseudogenes that are triggered on and off by mutations. Dozens of inherited diseases like different types of anemia were found to be explained by TBP/promoter binding model as well as predisposition to malaria, different types of cancer and many other health issues.


Our model was experimentally tested. This model as well as the collection of data we gathered is used in products developed by client. Based on methods and using our model and data client’s employees developed new models, wrote dozens of peer-reviewed papers and dissertations. Scientific papers published during the project are well cited by international science community.