Life is the single most important thing for us at ALAPY. We strongly believe that advances in Next Generation Sequencing will make precision medicine a worldwide phenomenon in coming years. We want to be your partner and friend in making this revolution together. ALAPY unites people to make genetics analysis software affordable and available to everybody on Earth. This will greatly improve people’s understanding of genetics and ways to analyze such data. We designed a very special database for ALAPY Genome Explorer that provides affordable, flexible and fast data analysis. Start using it today and together we will make personalized medicine a global reality.


We use popular publicly available sources of data for genetics analysis including RefSeq, HGNC, ClinVar, dbSNP, PubMed, 1000 genomes project, ExAC, and ESP6500. We are adding more data sources and updating them constantly. You do not have to worry about the version of the database used for analysis because you can see original results from your history as well as repeat analysis in seconds with the latest versions of databases. We can plugin special public and commercial sources for you like Ensemble, HGMD, OMIM and many other. You name it.

For variant scoring, we use SIFT, PolyPhen-2 , ancestral alleles and predicted consequences of the mutation, its zygosity state as well as all the data you provided in the vcf file with easy to filter and display access. More scoring functions are coming. You will see mutations with HGVS notation for easy reporting and sharing of genetics discoveries.

Genetics experts told us that more mutation data collected from different populations is needed to improve analysis accuracy. Currently, one-third of the World do not have access to genetics testing for clinical use and even in the most prosperous countries on Earth, it is not a standard of care yet. Genetics works in a unique way: having more data from Madagascar greatly improves the accuracy of the analysis in Sweeden and everywhere around the globe. It does not matter where you live and who are your patients, every single analysis you do moves all of us closer to precision medicine.


We have genetics experts and bioinformatics specialists in our team with 13+ years of experience each. We see that the way variants analysed are very different around the world with the consistent trend towards complexity. For example, different diseases require different allele frequency thresholds for the same genes and patients’ predicted and reported ancestry affects final diagnosis. All of this requires a very flexible way to model inheritance, filter, sort and display genetics data. So we created our own database for this.

Currently, you can analyse single vcf sample, compare tumour/normal samples and perform trio analysis using AGx. You can use standard inheritance models like Autosomal dominant or you can improve it the way you want, for example by checking for quality of the genotype calls in trio samples. We created compound heterozygous inheritance model for you because our test users asked about it the most. We will add more models for you, just ask us!

Living organisms might be the most complicated object for a study. It is mindboggling what nature came up with. Because of this Next Generation Sequencing and its application for a research or in clinical settings require a lot of time to select proper parameters. Variant interpretation workflow setup is probably the most challenging part of it. Greater flexibility in genetics analysis settings allows for broader application of the same familiar tools and at the same time provides ability to fine-tune the process


We made our best to make AGx truly affordable for everybody.
You can use your own servers to control your data or use it as a cloud service. This gives you flexibility of controlling access to server or run it within your intranet or a single machine.
We also run AGx for you in the cloud with worldwide access, so you can upload, access and analyze your data anywhere with internet connection on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
You do not have to buy and manage expensive servers to get analysis results faster, we process data for you on very powerful servers in huge data centers.
There is no need for you to think about security of your samples, workflows and results. All of this happens in very safe environment of HIPAA compliant servers.
All your samples and analyzes available to you at any moment, while clean and user friendly interface allows you to focus on the main task – helping patients and their families. And you will never loose your data.


We value time of our customers and decided to radically rethink classical approaches to genetic analysis software using latest achievements in computer science and experience of each of our database architects, big data specialists and software developers. In the core of our product, we use an innovative database developed by our data lab from the ground up. We call it ALAPY Genome DB.
Development of this database gave us unique capacity to perform much deeper and faster analysis than before. We can compare and analyze your sample with a plethora of data, including myriads of your other samples in less than 10 second. We welcome you to our new reality where you can get to the final results faster then ever.
Analyses from your history are available immediately and you can export them in many popular formats like text, sql and csv, with more in the future, including pdf reports. Moreover, history of your exports gives you access to this files from any device with an internet connection.



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