ALAPY Compressor and ALAPY Genome Transfer are parts of ALAPY Genomic Exchange (AGx) Suite that allows you to…



We are currently offering the following products:

o Up to 4x lossless storage reduction and pipeline compatibility
o Random access
o Validated in US hospitals and universities

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Eliminate long waiting times for uploading your data into external cloud for analysis. No need to send hard drives to your colleagues and customers.
Main features:
o Speed. Downloading speed can be higher in p2p in case of internal network and compression algorithms
o Security. Your data is transferred directly to the recipient via a secure protocol
o Reliability. Your files will be downloaded regardless of their size and network stability

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o Cloud or in-house solution
o Multiple data sources
o Analysis improvement and speed

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We are developing a protocol for genomic data exchange in peer-to-peer environment.
In addition to the set of rules for accessing the data in your network, it will allow our own and external APIs to be applied to genomic data stored on the network’s computers.

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What customers talks about us

Having explored a few options for losseless data compression, we decided to use ALAPY, which provides us with the optimal combination of compression, performance and ease of use. We now routinely use ALAPY in our laboratory and recommend it for use in large-scale sequencing projects ...

Alexej Abyzov, Ph.D.Senior Associate Consultant, Assistant Professor of Medical Informatics

Your fastq compression approach looks very impressive! I've uploaded the new version of BBMap (37.24) with Alapy compression support (as long as alapy_arc is in the path).

Brian BushnellBBMap developer

We selected ALAPY Compressor because it was the best match for our requirements. We recommend ALAPY Compressor and collaborations with ALAPY on NGS-related projects.

Dr. Tatiana V. TatarinovaAssociate Professor of Research Children's Hospital Los Angeles